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3DA UPDATE 10.8.21


The Bygones production process is well underway. The aluminum cases are being milled and anodized and the PCB's are being manufactured. Typically we have the PCB manufacturer source all of the surface mounted parts from distributors who already understand the international import/export laws. But since we stockpiled parts earlier this summer, we now have to ship these parts to the PCB manufacturer in China so that they can complete the PCB assembly. This may delay Bygones shipping timelines by a week or two but we won't know the details for a couple of weeks. Why did we stockpile parts? Due to the semiconductor shortage, the microprocessors and the audio converters that we use started to go out of stock. We saw this coming therefore we stocked up just before they became unobtainable (and they still are!). The good news is that we have chips to make pedals! The bad news is that the PCB fabrication is a bit more complicated since we now have to ship parts to China, get the PCB's made, and then get the PCB's shipped back to us. Yay for DHL! Check out for audio demos and for ordering information.


I'm so thankful for all of your interest in these pedals! These pedals are for you guys so let me know what you want to see from the 3DA designs. Let's be honest ... I want to sell pedals and that works best when they meet your expectations! My goals are to make pedals that are:

  • well-liked/loved

  • easy to use

  • attractive

  • well-built

  • sonically adaptable to your setup

  • applicable to a broad range of scenarios (exploration, live gigs, studio use, etc)

These pedals are a collaboration between all of us.


Slack is great for collaboration! Slack allows all of us to exchange ideas using text, images, and videos. My hope is that this collaboration will help to inform the 3DA product roadmap, guide the pedal designs so that they're attractive and easy to use, and tune the algorithms so that they work in your setups. I create Slack 'channels' for each of the 3DA products that are under consideration. You can join slack here:



Some folks have requested that I show how these pedals are assembled. I think that's a great idea! When the all of the Bygones sub-components and PCB's are ready for assembly I'll document the process and put that in the next newsletter.

As always I would love to hear from you. Email me, Instagram DM, or comment on Slack at anytime

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