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3DA UPDATE 09.13.21

The first of many ... Hello 3DA community & welcome to our first newsletter! The summer of 2021 has been a big one for 3Degrees Audio as we released out first effects pedal - the Bygones stereo nostalgia effects pedal. Being this was our first pedal release, I think it's fitting to talk exclusively about that pedal in this newsletter. I'll speak to future effects pedals in upcoming newsletters.


The Bygones was Inspired by the ChaseBliss Audio Blooper Stability feature which I developed and programmed with the design direction of @knobs.creative. The Bygones ups the ante with stereo audio and full control over all of the 'old and busted' parameters including pops and hiss, warp and jitter, lofi filtering, audio drops, etc. After launching the Bygones V1 back in April 2021, we sold 20 units in a matter of days. After reviewing customer feedback, we quickly realized that the user interface needed to consist of more intuitive controls. Providing twelve potentiometers/knobs instead of a few rotary encoders and parameter group navigation would allow for controlling the numerous parameters while offering a simpler and more tactile experience. This was the motivation for Bygones V2 which is planned to be shipped to early adopters beginning in late October/Early November 2021. Check out for audio demos and for ordering information.


The Bygones V2 pedal industrial design features:

  • twelve (12) potentiometers & knobs

  • six (6) 4" jacks

    • two (2) for stereo in

    • two (2) for stereo out

    • one (1) for MIDI in

    • one (1) for MIDI out

  • two (2) 9V jacks

  • one (1) foot-switch

  • black anodized custom machined & laser engraved case

This striking design will be used for upcoming effects including a stereo harmonic tremolo, a modulated stereo reverb, and a stereo preamp/overdrive to name a few!


As 3DA continues to grow, our website will be updated to include product specifications and user guides. Until then, here are some lesser known features of the Bygones V2. These features will apply to future 3DA pedals based on this pedal's twelve knob, six 1/4" jack, double 9V form factor. 1) TWO 9V JACKS? Yes two. You only need to plug one of the standard 9V barrel connectors to power these 3DA pedals and any of the two jacks will do. The other jack can be used to power another effects pedal. Note that 3DA pedals consume about 100 mA and the power daisy-chain current limit (from one 9V jack to the other) is 2 amps. 2) AUTO-SENSING AUDIO JACKS. Since Bygones V2 and upcoming effects pedals of this form factor support stereo, there's naturally four audio flow scenarios to consider ...

  1. Mono In to Mono Out

  2. Mono In to Stereo Out

  3. Stereo In to Mono Out

  4. Stereo In to Stereo Out

These scenarios are handled automatically by sensing which audio jacks have plugs inserted into them. Mono In to Mono Out simply uses one of the pedals' two effects paths. Mono In to Stereo Out relies on the effect to automatically create a stereo field. Stereo In to Mono Out is similar to the Mono to Mono use case except that the stereo input is down-mixed to a mono input. Stereo In to Stereo Out uses both of the pedals' effects paths as in the mono to stereo case, but the input stereo field is maintained and additional stereo separation is created. The stereo field that's created for the stereo output scenarios rely on algorithm and parameter variations between the two internal effects paths. Pretty neat, huh? 3) TRUE AUDIO BYPASS. When a 3DA pedal is powered but not engaged (i.e. when it's in bypass mode) audio flows from input to output without being processed by the DSP system. To accomplish this we use MOSFET analog relays, similar to the BOSS approach. The input to output resistance is approximately two ohms. The audio is not buffered.


Thanks to all of you have purchased a Bygones V1 or V2 effects pedal! Those orders have allowed us to get this pedal business off the ground. Bygones V2 would not have been possible without Bygones V1. And future 3DA pedals would not be possible without Bygones V2. We're getting some traction now and I'm excited to release V2, to reveal future Bygones V2 runs, and to reveal the next effects designs that are coming soon!

As always I would love to hear from you. How do you like your Bygones so far? How would you make it better? What other effects are you interested in? Reach out to me on social or email

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