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3DA Summer 2023

Hello 3DA newsletter subscribers!


Well, it has been a busy 8 weeks around here. I've been back and forth between Boston and the Mini Apple 3 times in 8 weeks, working onsite at Bose when here in Boston and remotely while in Minneapolis. Why so much travel? We had to remodel our house, get it on the market, sell it, and move all of our stuff out... In 8 weeks.

Handyman Extraordinare John Weber

Sold in 5 days!
Eking out every minute of 'deck time'

You'd think that would be enough to keep us busy right? Well, it turns out that we were on the hook to get two batches of those new Hue Multi-FX pedals out and, running late already, we just had to make that work. Ryan (my son) and I built those units and Erin shipped them out, last week, from the house we no longer own. We were literally sitting on the bare (but carpeted) floor getting these ready to ship and shooting tutorial videos!

Making the HUE tutorial videos


All good? Almost... Well, not really. If you've received your Hue you probably noticed that there were only seven effects labels rather than the advertised eight. Did we just forget to ship a label? Oh man, I wish it were that simple. If the last eight weeks are any indication of how life goes then it just couldn't be that simple. And it wasn't. What happened?

A few weeks ago, after arriving in Minneapolis for the third time, we started testing the Hue effects to make sure that all were in good shape before we shipped them out. The biggest issue we found was that the Pulse, which I thought was ready to release, had some problems that required rethinking the Pulse effect design. But no problem, that was on a Friday and I had a full Saturday to redesign the Pulse effect from the ground up. That many changes this late in the game is scary but I think it turned out really well!

So, we're printing new Pulse labels based on the updated design, and we'll ship them out to you - sorry for that delay. I'll post the graphics for the Pulse label so that you can experiment now. While the design is established for this effect, I can't guarantee that it's bug free. As I continue to refine, I'm planning an upgrade package for the Hue that has other fixes (if needed). Note that your Hue pedal has a USB jack on the back ... this is for firmware upgrades.


The Hue is complicated. There is no manual yet but I'll write one ASAP. Check out the demonstration video here or click the video linked below. We shot those at night after a full day of moving furniture on a make-shift rig while sitting on the floor! If something's missing or not clear let us know!


YES, orders are still open for Hue Multi-FX Batch 2. We expect to close this in the next few weeks. Thank you for all of the orders and support to date! Check out this cool unboxing video!


Whew that's it for this newsletter. Much of it was me talking about how busy things are - they're not excuses but hopefully they help everyone understand how busy life has been and that even so we still care very much about 3DA and the pedals we put out.

Moving 1400 miles from MN to BOS x 2

Thanks to everyone who bought a Hue and to everyone still reading our newsletters as we continue to make these big life changes.




Mark Seel

PS - drop me a line with your comments, questions and ideas!

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