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3DA Spring (?!) Update

Hello from Boston everyone!

Is it spring where you are? Spring is definitely NOT happening in MN (first pic), but plants are springing to life here outside of Boston!

We're now settled down outside Boston. We're in a town called Hopkinton, which is proud to say 'It All Starts Here' ... 'IT' being the Boston Marathon! Marathon Monday is in a few weeks, and everything basically comes to a halt that day, or so we're told. It will be exciting to walk a few blocks to Main Street and watch the runners go past.

My new job is at Bose in Framingham, about 9 miles from our new place. I'm leading the DSP group, which is demanding, but I'm really liking it. As I expected, 3DegreesAudio pedal production will ramp down a bit as my time is now more limited. But not to worry ... there's still good news for those of you who have purchased a Bygones Pro or the new Hue Multi-Effect Pedal.


The Bygones Pro's are being assembled now and will ship out next week. Why the delay? Shipping was pushed back several weeks due to the PCBs being delayed in China, and we have a 5 day delay due to shipping assemblies from MN to MASS. As you probably know, we used to live in Minneapolis and that where 3DegreesAudio was 'headquartered'. My son, Ryan, is still in Minneapolis - he does the final parts assembly (jacks, pots, etc) for the PCBs. He has finished up assembly on the current batch and they are en route to us here in Mass. We will receive these this week, so I'll be assembling and programming the Pro's this weekend. Thanks for your patience with the minor delay.


The Hue multi-effect pedal Batch 1 pre-sales are completed so we will be kicking off production for these imminently. I had to make some some minor case adjustments for the USB connector and the 3.5mm MIDI jack to ensure these are fitting nicely. The plastic prototype and the PCB to do a final fit verification will be back next week. So, after those check out, we'll order the aluminum cases and have the PCB made - this all takes about six weeks. Assembly and testing also takes several weeks so we're looking at shipping these in June.

Not sure if you're all aware of this but Hue pedals can be updated over USB. Once you receive your unit, please let me know which Hue effects you like the most & what would make them better. Also, a handful of HUE Batch 1 units are available on the website.

Check out these graphic overlays that are included with each unit. I've also added a new effect called 'voices'! Voices has four (4) de-tuning/pitch shifting engines. More info to come on that one.



So ... what's after this batch of Hue pedals? Another batch of Hues? Design a new pedal altogether? I do have an idea on a new pedal and I'll talk about that in the next newsletter. 3DA will not be at NAMM this year, but drop me a line if you find any cool new gear when you're there!

Well, that was a relatively short update this time but life is real busy right now. As always drop me an email or DM on Instagram if you have comments or questions.


Mark Seel

PS - drop me a line with your comments, questions and ideas!

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