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Hue Multi-Effect Pedal

Hue Multi-Effect Pedal

Hue is a compact stereo effects pedal that contains eight (8) high-quality, built-in audio effects.  Simply use the footswitches to select the effect you want and drop the custom label into the recessed lid; no need to remove the knobs.  Hue has stereo inputs and outputs for guitar and line-level audio, 15 knobs for effects control, seven user-modifiable presets, two footswitches for effect and preset selections, and full MIDI control.  Any of the seven presets can be set to any one of the eight effects using the footswitches.


Built-in Effects

Hue contains the following eight (8) effects:

  • Audion High-Gain Preamp with Pre-EQ, Post-EQ, and Noise Gate
  • Camber Stereo 5-Band Parametric Equalizer (bass, lower, middle, upper, treble)
  • Ether Multi-Stage Phaser, Tremolo and Drive
  • Lumen Series/Parallel Harmonic Tremolo and Modulated Reverb with Stereo Output
  • Voices Four Identical Pitch Shifters with Panning and Blending Options
  • Taps Multi-Tap Delay and Echo with Stereo Output
  • Pulse Granular Synth and Delay with Stereo Output
  • Bygones Stereo Nostalgia with Warping, Jitter, Noise, Filtering, and Companding


Graphic Overlays

As Hue has multiple audio effects built-in. We supply you with (8) 0.5mm thick polycarbonate graphic overlays, one for each guitar effect.  Place them on top of the box (they drop right into the slight recess machined into the case top) to aid in effect tweaking.


Hardware Features

Hue, machined from solid aluminum and anodized black, has the following hardware features:

  • 1/4" buffered audio/guitar input jack and 1/4" audio/guitar/line-level output jacks
  • 3.5mm jack for MIDI input/output operating as voltage mode MIDI signaling using the TRS jack tip for input, and the TRS jack ring for output
  • 2.1mm barrel connector for power (120 mA, industry-standard 9V center-negative plug)
  • USB jack for firmware upgrades
  • Two footswitches for preset navigation, effects bypass, effect selection, mono/stereo configuration, and MIDI input channel setting


Stereo and Mono Support

  • The audio input and output can both be configured for stereo or mono usage.  Hue up-converts from mono to stereo, or down-converts from stereo to mono, depending on Hue's input/output mode settings and the effect being used.



  • Stereo input/output
  • Ultra low latency (0.7 ms)
  • 15 knobs to control various effect parameters (params vary by effect)
  • External MIDI control
  • Separate footswitches for preset navigation and effect enable/disable
  • 7 User-modifiable presets allow quick and easy storage and recall of your favorite effect settings
  • High contrast, easy to read graphics and knob labeling
  • Custom machined aluminum case anodized black, provides precision assembly and compact size


Product Dimensions: 104mm x 90mm x 30mm


Power Requirements: 9V / 120mA, center-negative, 2.1 to 2.5mm barrel connector


    • Limited Quantity available.
    • All 3DA products are fulfilled on a small batch basis. Fulfillment date will be determined once the minimum number of orders have been placed. We expect the lead time to be 3 months from the date the orders are closed.
      • Batch 1 has been closed as of May 08, 2023. Hue pedals will ship late summer.
      • Batch 2 is now open! 
    • 3DA uses Shipstation to determine the best shipping rate with the shortest delivery time. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email from us. We will include the tracking number so that you may track your order. 
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