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Well NAMM took a long time to get here and it went by really fast! It was great to be back and to see all of the interesting products (and people). I already can't wait for the next one! Honestly, I'm not sure it's the best business tactic ... to spend money going to that showing ($6.79 per gallon of gas?!?!), renting booth space, and standing around for a couple of days. But it's a lot of fun and that definitely counts for something :-)


One of the fun things about NAMM is all of the live music happening! 3DA was one of 28 makers invited to demo a new pedal at the Delicious Audio Pedal Demo MARATHON on Friday, and we snapped a condensed version of the demo below for you to check out.

Full BYGONES PRO Video: https://youtu.be/nFZSoukB0Wk

Full PEDAL DEMO Marathon: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqRKKBpVrR7fk4Dj9FGBxYfjClaZbe7t0

Thanks @markjohnston for supplying the sweet guitar sounds!
Condensed version of Bygones Pro NAMM demo


In the last newsletter, we announced 3DA would be bringing three new pedals to NAMM. (1) The Bygones Pro Stereo Nostalgia Effect, (2) the Remix 4x4 Matrix Mixer, and (3) the Eddies, a 4 channel LFO MIDI controller. They all featured raw unfinished aluminum cases with a bright and colorful top control panel and black knobs. Well, the reception to the new style at NAMM was lukewarm :(. So we'll be reverting our upcoming pedal lineup look back to a black theme since it looks more professional. The release date of the Eddies is unknown at this point.

On the bright side (no pun intended), I had a number of folks come by who seemed to really dig the thoughtful design of the 3DA pedals.

We strive to make our products easily discoverable, with knobs, knobs, more knobs, user presets and MIDI control. I don't think I'm the only person who just does not reach for the user manual!



Bygones Pro Mock Up

BIG NEWS HAPPENING AT 3DA:The Bygones Pro, in the new black case and black knob theme, has been opened for pre-sales! They are selling and we're anticipating meeting our pre-order sales goal to get production started soon! Note that the 'compander' feature was not shown at NAMM ... that's how new this feature is!


Curious minds want to know...how does he come up with this stuff?! Yes, in the week or so since we've been home from NAMM, Mark has ideated, coded and finalized a new feature for Bygones Pro - the Compander. The COMPAND section of Bygones Pro allows you to dial in a degraded audio sound reminiscent of a low quality, long distance telephone call, or poor pre-recorded Hold music. After all, we all love the sound of tinny elevator music while we're on hold right?

The compander models the bit-depth reduced and sample-rate reduced logarithmic companding process used in the analog telephone system. There's adjustments for the sample bit depth reduction (crushing), sample rate reduction (including aliasing effects), and for the compression curve ranging from none to fully logarithmic. An alias knob can be used to remove most of the aliasing artifacts introduced during sample-rate reduction and can be adjusted to allow all the aliasing you'd ever want to hear (does anyone really​ want to hear that?!).



Premier Guitar June Gear Radar



Our next product release is the Remix 4x4 Matrix Mixer. The Remix is a 4x4 matrix mixer similar to the Rewire 4x4 matrix mixer but with changes to the on-board effects. The compressor/limiter, delay, and noise gate effects were removed but the high and low pass filters remain. This not only makes it easier to use it, but it reduces the cost and size of the mixer, AND it allows for a live-mode, where the pedal behavior is determined immediately by all knob positions rather than preset settings. This will make the mixer more intuitive to use. Like the Bygones Pro, we reverted the look back to black (black anodized case with black knobs) rather than the light/bright control panel on raw unfinished aluminum.

The Remix will be opening for pre-sales in the next week!
Remix 4x4 Matrix Mixer Mock Up






With every newsletter, I get to forecast what's coming for 3DA. Granted this is always forward looking and not always accurate but it does give you an idea of what we're thinking about. With that said; our focus is to make a line of pedals that exhibit unique takes on standard guitar effects. Some of these effects have been alluded to in previous newsletters or Instagram posts although the latest renditions differ slightly. All of these pedals will have fifteen knobs (yup, only fifteen down from twenty-four ;-) , and will have presets, stereo vs mono input and output configuration, MIDI channel setting, and 1/4" TRS jacks for audio input, output, and MIDI.

Here's a sneak peek....

The Audion stereo preamp distortion is just that ... and more. In addition to a pre-EQ to emphasize your instrument's midrange before gain and distortion, a preamp voicing section with low-cut / high-cut / drive settings, and a post-EQ for tone shaping, it has controls for ring modulation and octave generation. I've not completely worked that section out but it's going to be really fun doing that! The goal is to create smooth and harmonically rich preamp overdrive with options to make it really nasty ... and in stereo of course.

The Lumen stereo harmonic tremolo and reverb has been rendered a few times so far. The harmonic tremolo & reverb portion of this design has been stable for some time now although a preamp section has been mentioned. For this 15-knob version, there is no preamp - just the tremolo & reverb. Those two effects, via a 'path' knob, can be arranged in series (tremolo -->reverb), in parallel, in series again (reverb --> tremolo), and everything in between with the 'path' knob sweeping through those arrangements. The reverb trails can

be modulated and pitch-shifted.

Here's a mockup:

The TAPS stereo multi-tap delay. This was inspired by the echo-rec as you can probably imagine. There controls for delay time, tap count, and tap location patterns. As good as any delay of the past is it isn't perfect; it has flaws and that's what we love about them right? The TAPS has controls to mimic these imperfections like audio frequency loss and mild saturation, tap position jitter with periodic and random fluctuation.

There are more pedal ideas in the 'hopper' but I'll save those for future newsletters. As always we at 3DA love to hear from you. What do you like about our effects algorithms and case designs? What don't you like? What would you like for us to make?

PS - feel free to drop me a line with your comments, questions and ideas!

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