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Bygones going, going, ... not gone!

People love their Bygones! We're continuing to make the Bygones Stereo Nostalgia pedal and we've worked out a lot of production issues. Global supply chain woes continues to slow things down but it looks like we're close to getting ahead of the curve. In the next few weeks, we will fulfill all current orders AND have Bygones in stock for immediate shipment.

Order any time and we'll continue to make batches as long as folks want them!


We've added content to the Bygones Support page.

There are several short manuals for the Bygones User Interface, Parameters, and MIDI usage. We're also cooking up some video demos, which will be posted as soon as they are done!


Oh, and have you seen our latest review?


Getting Wired Up ...

The Rewire four channel matrix mixer is IN PRODUCTION!. We decided to make a small batch of 30 for the first go-round to test and improve the assembly process. This batch was funded by preorders, so thank you everyone who has ordered their mixer. When we've proven out the assembly, we'll be opening up orders for the next batch.

Check out this X-RAY VIEW of the Rewire Lid, Top and Bottom Circuit Boards!

Here are the component images:

The Rewire is more than a four channel matrix mixer though. Each channel has five effects -- of which any can be enabled and adjusted. Effects include a low pass filter, high pass filter, noise gate, dynamic range compressor, and delay with feedback. All of this in a compact aluminum case with 32 colorful backlit knobs (just like the Bygones!).


There must be more going on, right?

Why yes there is! Have you checked out out the 3DA Slack site? I discuss all of the 3DA pedals, pedal interface and effects ideas there, answer your questions, and best of all (for me anyway) get your feedback and ideas. Slack has been instrumental during the design process of the Rewire pedal. It will help -- heck it already is helping! -- 3DA design more pedals with your input and ideas.

I've also been busy prototyping improvements to cases and pcbs, evaluating foot switches and looking into upgrading our packaging.

I'm anticipating 3DA's next two pedals to be the Lumen stereo harmonic tremolo, and the Camber stereo three-band parametric equalizer.


Thank you ...

Thanks to all of you have purchased a Bygones effects pedal and/or the Rewire mixer! Several of you have ordered both! Those orders have allowed us get the Bygones into your hands and improve upon the initial design AND to get the Rewire mixer into production.

As always I would love to hear from you....

How do you like your Bygones so far?

Where on your pedalboard is the Bygones?

How would you make the Bygones better?

What other effects are you interested in?

PS - feel free to drop me a line with your comments, questions and ideas!

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