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3DA Summer Sneak Peak +

Hello Everyone!

I don't know about you but summer is cruising by way too fast ... it's almost August already! Which means two things ... July is almost past (duh) and the Bygones Pro is in production. Yay! What live music (or other fun things) have you been enjoying this summer?!


Bygones Pro pre-sales goals were met swiftly and we immediately initiated the ordering of sub-assembly items, parts and cases. As with all of our products, there are a few items that have a long lead time (the time it takes to receive goods after ordering) and lead time variability.

  • First the cases. Typically those take 7 weeks from ordering to reception. We went with a different supplier for the cases for the pro, and I do think that they'll take a bit longer this time.

  • Second is the PCB assembly which also takes about 6 weeks for production. We're using the same supplier for our PCB and PCB assembly though which is a good thing- they've been consistent (in a good way :-)). The second prototype of the PCB had a bug - the bypass circuitry wasn't quite right so we had to do a design fix and go through another round of PCB prototyping. End to end PCB assembly ends up taking close to 8 weeks given shipment time to/from China.

All of this to say we're making progress on the Bygones Pro builds although there have been some delays along the way. But these will be worked out, the Bygones Pro's will be built and delivered as promised :-). Unless there are unforeseen delays, we're expecting to begin shipping the Pros in late October.



We've continued to sell both Bygones v3 and Bygones Pro and it's interesting to see that some folks opt for the v3 rather than the Pro. I suspect that this is due to the smaller size of the v3. But the Pro has all twenty four parameters available per knob rather than using one knob for two parameters (alternate parameters) on the v3. And the Pro has three foot switches making preset navigation easier. But perhaps that small size is what is attracting some people?


What do you think? Do you prefer smaller size or transparent navigation in your pedals? Or do you love the lit knobs?! Send us a note here!



In the last newsletter I mentioned the 15-knob pedals that are being designed. And I have to say that I'm super excited about these custom guitar pedals because they're relatively compact, have 15 knobs for lots of effect control, and have two foot switches for more control options. That combination of size, knobs, and control feels right to me.

As a planning exercise, I went through all of the stereo effects that I've wanted to make/share for years with you all and took a stab at mapping the knobs to each of those effects. And you know what?

  • They just seemed to map out perfectly ...

  • for ALL of the effects ...

...including the Audion compressor/preamp, Lumen parallel harmonic tremolo and reverb, Bygones (a trimmed down version), Camber (triple parametric EQ with noise gate and compressor/limiter), Metalverse (dual bad sounding fuzz distortion with ring mod and bit crushing), TAPS multi-tap modulated delay, and the Pulse granular synth delay.

Now how could it be that all of these interesting effects project just map perfectly to this new 15-knob format?! I don't know either but they do and I'm exited to get these effects to you!


Audion Stereo Compressor Preamp custom guitar pedal prototype case

Lumen Stereo Parallel Tremolo Reverb prototype case

Bygones Stereo Nostalgia (15 knob version) prototype case

Taps Stereo Multi-Tap Modulated Delay prototype case

And, a quick update on the Remix 4x4 Matrix Mixer. We opened this one up for pre-sales but did not have enough interest to build a full run. We may launch this again in the future.


Well that's just about everything I think; Bygones v3 and Pro - check, new 15 knob pedals coming soon - check, Rewire still selling - check ...

and ... oh yeah! The C99!!!

The C99 goes way back in time (in 3DA years that is). It was the first pedal that I tried to sell. Two crowd funding attempts ended in failure. Showed it at SNAMM in 2019 on a pedal board with a single lonely C99 that looked way out of place among the other pedal boards :( . Here it is...

Original C99 custom guitar pedal prototype

After all of that why are we even talking about this thing?! Well I think it's really cool, a handful of folks continue to ask for it, and very importantly, I think we can take what we've learned over the years and make this think even more awesome!

The C99 has evolved into a programmable multi-effect pedal with a color display for preset and parameter navigation with Bluetooth capability for firmware and effect upgrading and reprogramming. A do-almost-anything pedal that can be reprogrammed at any time with 3DA studio quality effects or effects by someone else (yes, there's a free effect development kit!). And it still embodies the design vision of the original C99 ... small (54 x 71 x 22mm), milled from solid stainless steel, use of quality hardware components, high signal integrity and low latency digital processing.

Check out this *SO TINY* 3D printed case prototype:

New C99 custom guitar pedal 3d-printed prototype case


OK ... C99 - check. Now that's everything. It's going to get really interesting here at 3DA so keep watching. And as always keep in touch - we love to hear your feedback, suggestions and ideas.

PS - drop me a line with your comments, questions and ideas!

Mark enjoying live music in downtown Shakopee, MN

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